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Wait... why
The name yogaflake is a combination of yoga and snowflake, my preferred element. The colours white and blue represent the snow and the sky.

Tracing along a snowflake from the center to the outside, one can EXPLORE the structure in different directions. To me this represents exploring the elements in the mountains (water, air, earth,...) as well as exploring the body and the mind when practicing asanas on the mat.

Tracing a snowflake from outside to the inside, one FOCUSes its attention to the center. To me this represents focusing on the summit in the mountains as well as focusing on oneself during a yoga practice.

The movement in and out represents to BREATHE, so important in high mountains as well as when practicing yoga. The same movement takes place in the heart which to me is PASSION.


I'm a passionate Yoga teacher, fascinated by anatomy, movement and mindfulness.
The main focus in my teaching is informed technique, progression, precise alignment and awareness in any transition.
Expect electronic sounds in my creative flows, mixed by myself, combining my DJ-hobby.

Looking forward to meeting you and let's move together!

yoga trainings

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Nora Kersten


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Stephens

Yoga Teacher Intensive "The refinement of Yoga Asanas" with Mark Stephens

Refined Teaching Skills Intensive with Mark Stephens

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark

Yoga Anatomy Training with Tiffany Cruikshank

Refining Sequencing Method with Adam Husler

Thai Yoga Massage with Till Heeg, Sunshine House

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